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Traffic Violation Check Easy and Convenient



Traffic Violation Check Easy and Convenient

Traffic Violation Check Easy and convenient. Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates can check their registered traffic violations online through the traffic violation check service. We will examine in detail the essential steps for conducting Kuwaiti online traffic violation checks in this article. Check the latest updates about administrative services.

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Traffic Violation Check

Traffic violation check is one of the electronic services provided by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior’s website. Citizens no longer need to physically visit service centers or sections dedicated to investigating violations under Kuwait General Administration of Traffic. Individuals only need to follow the steps and guidelines outlined in the following paragraphs.

Traffic Violations Check By Civil ID

Civil ID, individuals can check their traffic violations quickly, simplifying the process of staying informed. Following are the steps Kuwaiti citizens can take to inquire about their traffic violations:

  1. You can visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website
  2. Click on the e-services icon.
  3. You can find the General Traffic Department by clicking on it.
  4. Choose “Individuals”.
  5. Please enter your Civil ID number.
  6. To view your violations, click “Enquire”.

Traffic Violation Check App

Moi Kuwait’s mobile app makes checking traffic violations online convenient for individuals. Follow these steps to download Moi Kuwait:

  1. Download The Moi Kuwait app fromthe App Store” or “the Play Store“.
  2. App launch for Moi Kuwait.
  3. Start by clicking “Sign In”.

Traffic Violation Check For Individuals

It is convenient and efficient for individuals to monitor and address traffic infractions with the traffic violation check service. Follow these steps to find out whether you have received a traffic violation:

  1. Visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website.
  2. Select the e-services icon.
  3. Select the General Traffic Department.
  4. Select “Individual”.
  5. Please enter your Civil ID number.
  6. To view your violations, click “Enquire”.
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Traffic Violation Check For Companies

Companies can take advantage of the traffic violation check service to oversee and manage the traffic violations of their corporate fleets. The following steps can be followed by companies to check their traffic violation status:

  1. You can visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website.
  2. Select the e-services icon.
  3. The General Traffic Department should be selected.
  4. Choose “Company”.
  5. Please enter the company number.
  6. To review your violations, click “Enquire”.

Kuwait Traffic Fine check

The MOI website makes it easy to verify your traffic fines in Kuwait. You can retrieve information about pending traffic fines by following these steps:

  • The official website of the MOI can be found here.
  • Find the section of the website dedicated to traffic violations and fines.
  • The field designated for your civil ID or passport number should be filled in.
  • Look at the information displayed on the screen, including details about the violation type, date of occurrence, and fine amount.
  • The website’s payment portal makes it convenient to pay fines online.

Pay Traffic Fines Online

Residents and citizens in Kuwait can pay traffic fines online via a digital service that ensures ease and security. How to complete this process is outlined below:

  1. Visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.
  2. Select “General Traffic Department” under “E-Services“.
  3. Choose “Pay fines“.
  4. Select either “Individuals” or “Companies.”
  5. Please enter your Civil ID.
  6. To view your violations, click “Enquire“.
  7. Complete the payment process securely by selecting “Pay electronically“.
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Kuwait Traffic Violation Points

In order to make understanding the traffic violation points system easier, we have prepared a list of typical traffic offenses and their corresponding points:

  • If you exceed the speed limit, you may receive two to four points depending on the severity of the violation.
  • Three points are awarded for running red lights.
  • 4 points are awarded for using a mobile device while driving.
  • The penalty for driving under the influence is 10 points and legal repercussions.
  • Six points are deducted for reckless driving.
  • A failure to yield earns you two points.
  • Driving without a valid license results in four points.

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Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates can review their recorded traffic violations and obtain information about their traffic fines online with the traffic service.

traffic violation check: Quick and Convenient

FAQs About Traffic Violation Check

Q1) What is the typical timeframe for traffic violations to show up on the MOI website?

Ans:- A traffic violation may not appear on the traffic violations website for up to 72 hours after it has been recorded.

Q2) What are the consequences if I delay payment of my fines?

Ans:- If you don’t pay your fines within the designated timeframe, your fines will escalate and your license may be suspended.

Q3) How can I make payment for my traffic violation fines?

Ans:- Fines for traffic violations can be paid online through the MOI website, at the Traffic Department, or at authorized banks.


The traffic violation check service is a valuable tool for Kuwaitis and expatriates alike. Monitoring and handling traffic violations are simplified.

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