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Part-Time House Maid Job in Kuwait Salwa



Part Time House Maid Job in Kuwait Salwa

Part-Time House Maid Job in Kuwait Salwa. A part-time housemaid job in Kuwait Salwa provides exceptional home services to Kuwaiti customers who encounter many important occasions that require maids’ assistance in all tasks such as cleaning, cooking, taking care of children…etc. These jobs can be applied for by contacting part-time maid offices in Kuwait that strive to satisfy both the customer and the worker.

Part-Time Housemaid Job in Kuwait

Working as a part-time housemaid in Kuwait Salwa and all of the governorates of Kuwait requires a lot of honesty and sincerity at work, since it is one of the jobs that impose respect and commitment to a set of basic rules. Because the maid works in a random house for hours and then searches again for another house, the maid must follow the following rules:

  • Ensure that no furniture from the customer’s home is damaged or stolen.
  • Be careful not to eavesdrop on the client’s conversations, gossip, etc.
  • Make sure you keep your personal hygiene up to date.
  • Complete the assigned tasks perfectly.
  • An employer’s commitment to his or her contract.
  • Entering rooms without permission and respecting the client’s privacy.

Part Time House Maid Job in Kuwait Salwa

It is possible to find part-time housemaid jobs in Kuwait Salwa without requiring any educational qualifications, and many Kuwaiti housewives turn to the maid offices listed below for quick cleaning services as well as assistance with many household chores, such as cooking, hospitality, and childcare.

  • Contact the King’s office at 60653548 for half-hourly service.
  • The contact number for the Al-Hamid office for hourly employees is 50837576.
  • You can reach iClean by calling 99318347, and they offer office cleaning by the hour.
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Part-Time Housemaids’ Tasks

Domestic helpers in Kuwait perform a variety of tasks depending on the client’s needs and the maid’s office, but some tasks are permanently repeated in part-time contracts, such as:

  • Cleaning tasks vary according to the customer’s choice of period.
  • Cooking tasks: The housemaid cooks at least one meal and a maximum of three meals per day.
  • In the absence of their parents, taking care of children is important.
  • It is required on special occasions and during holidays to perform hospitality tasks.


As a result, part-time housemaid jobs in Kuwait Salwa allow expatriate women to work in two jobs with the least effort possible since the housemaid can work in two or three homes on the same day.

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