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MOI Kuwait Traffic Fine Check Online 2023



MOI Kuwait Traffic Fine Check Online 2023

MOI Kuwait Traffic Fine Check Online. Kuwaiti citizens and Kuwaiti residents can conveniently settle their monetary fines associated with their vehicles using the electronic platform provided by the Ministry of Interior and the General Traffic Department through moi kuwait traffic fine check service. Using online methods, we will investigate the key processes for verifying Kuwaiti traffic fines. Check the latest updates about Administrative services.

MOI Kuwait Traffic Fine Check

Traffic fine checks can be performed via the official websites of either the Ministry of Interior or the General Traffic Department. In Kuwait, this procedure serves two purposes: determining the fine amount to be paid by a citizen for their traffic violation and preventing and reducing traffic accidents. In addition, it plays an important role in streamlining traffic management and ensuring Kuwaiti citizens’ safety.

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Kuwait Traffic Fine Check Online

Kuwait’s General Traffic Department, which is part of the Ministry of Interior, has an official website where you can check traffic fines online. The following steps need to be followed:

For individual

  1. You can visit this website by clicking here ”.
  2. Click on “Individual ”.
  3. Fill out your “Civil ID ”.
  4. You can view your violations by clicking “Enquire”.

For Company

  1. Visit this website “Click here“.
  2. Choose “Company”.
  3. Enter your “Company Number”.
  4. You can view your recorded violations by clicking “Enquire”.

Kuwait Traffic Fine Check app

Using Moi Kuwait, people can conveniently access and review their recorded traffic violations online, without having to leave their homes. Here are the steps for installing Moi Kuwait:

  1. Download The Moi Kuwait app from “the App Store” or “the Play Store“.
  2. App launch for Moi Kuwait.
  3. Start by clicking “Sign In”.
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Kuwait Traffic Violation Check By Civil ID offers an online traffic fines service that allows individuals to easily check their traffic violations using their Civil ID. Follow these steps to complete this process quickly:

  1. Go to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website “From Here“.
  2. You can find the e-services icon by clicking on it.
  3. The General Traffic Department can be found by clicking on it.
  4. The “Individual” option should be selected.
  5. Fill out your “Civil ID ”.
  6. You can view your violations by clicking “Enquire”.

Pay Traffic Fines Online

Paying traffic fines online in Kuwait is a digital service that prioritizes convenience and security for residents and citizens. The following is a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate this process:

For Individual

  1. Access the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website “From Here“.
  2. The “E-Services” section can be found by clicking here.
  3. Choose “General Traffic Department ”.
  4. You can pay fines by selecting the “Pay fines” option.
  5. You can choose “Individual ”.
  6. Fill out your “Civil ID ”.
  7. You can view your traffic violations by clicking “Enquire”.
  8. Pay securely by selecting “Pay”.

For Company

  • Visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website “From Here“.
  • 2-Head to the “E-Services” section.

  • Choose “General Traffic Department.”

  • Click on the “Pay violations” option.

  • Opt for the “Company” selection.

  • Input your “.
  • Click “Enquire” to check your traffic violations.

  • Select “Pay” to securely complete the payment process.

MOI Portal Traffic

The moi portal traffic or the General Traffic Department’s website at provides a user-friendly and accessible platform for citizens and residents to address various traffic-related issues.

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MOI Portal Kuwait

Kuwait’s moi portal, available at, serves as a comprehensive online platform that provides citizens, residents, and visitors with a wide range of services and information.

FAQs About MOI Kuwait Traffic Fine Check

Q1) How long does it usually take for traffic violations to become visible on the MOI website?

Ans:- Traffic violations can take up to 72 hours to appear on the traffic violations website after being recorded.

Q2) What happens if I postpone the payment of my fines?

Ans:– You may lose your driver’s license if you fail to pay your fines within the specified period.

Q3) What types of traffic violations can I check on the MOI website?

Ans:- The MOI website allows you to check various traffic violations, such as speeding, parking violations, and DUIs.


It simplifies the process of checking and paying traffic fines, making it convenient and efficient for residents and citizens.

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