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Meezan Bank Check Out Islamic Banking Solutions



Meezan Bank Check Out Islamic Banking Solutions

Meezan Bank Check Out Islamic Banking Solutions. In the country’s banking sector, Meezan Bank provides Shariah-compliant financial products and services to meet the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and corporations. We will explore Meezan Bank’s key features, products, and services in this article. check latest updates about banking services

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Meezan Bank

Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank is Meezan Bank. In accordance with Islamic finance principles, it does not charge or pay interest and promotes ethical and socially responsible banking practices.

The Meezan Bank was established in 2002 to serve the financial needs of individuals, businesses, and corporations. Current accounts, savings accounts, and term deposits are all examples of these types of accounts.

Meezan Bank Online Account Opening

The Meezan Islamic Bank provides customers with the convenience of opening their bank accounts online. Meezan accounts can be opened online in the following ways:

  • Click here to visit the Meezan website.
  • Choose the type of account you want to open.
  • Apply online by filling out the form.
  • Please upload the required documents.
  • Submit the application after reviewing it.
  • Please wait for verification and approval.
  • Activate your account according to the instructions.

Meezan Bank Online

Meezan Islamic Bank provides its clients with online banking services through which they can manage their accounts and conduct various banking transactions. Meezan’s online banking features include:

Internet banking: 

Easily access accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills.

Mobile Banking App: 

You can perform banking transactions on iOS and Android devices.

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Account Management: 

Update personal information and open accounts.

Fund Transfers:

 Funds can be transferred between accounts and to other banks.

Bill Payments:

 Pay utility bills and credit card bills conveniently.

Account Statements: 

You can view and download account statements online.

Meezan Bank Roshan Digital Account

Roshan Digital Accounts are specialized banking services designed for overseas Pakistanis to manage their financial transactions and investments in Pakistan conveniently. The following are some key points:


 Provides assistance to overseas Pakistanis in managing their finances and investments in Pakistan.

Account Types: 

Provides PKR and foreign currency Roshan Digital Current and Savings Accounts.


Banking services, fund transfers, bill payments, investment opportunities, and attractive profit rates are all available online.

Investment options: 

PSX stocks, Naya Pakistan Certificates, and Meezan Bank mutual funds.

Online Account Opening: 

Online account opening is available at Meezan Bank.


The procedures are simplified, there is no minimum balance requirement, funds can be repatriated, and the economy of Pakistan can benefit from the fund.


Q1) Can I use Meezan islamic Bank’s debit card internationally?

Ans:- Yes, A Meezan debit card can be used worldwide to withdraw money from ATMs and make purchases at Visa/Mastercard-accepting merchants.

Q2) How can I contact Meezan islamic Bank for customer support?

Ans:- To contact Meezan customer support, call their helpline number, send an email, or stop by their branch. Their official website provides contact information.

Q3) Is it possible to open a Meezan islamic Bank account online?

Ans:- Yes, Meezan offers online account opening for certain types of accounts. The account opening process can be completed online by visiting their website.

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Meezan Bank is a beacon of excellence in Pakistan’s banking sector, offering Shariah-compliant financial products and services.



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