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Kuwait House Maid Job Opportunities at Competitive Salaries 2023



Kuwait House Maid Job Opportunities at Competitive Salaries 2023

Kuwait House Maid Job Opportunities: Kuwait housemaid jobs for those who wish to improve their living conditions and keep up with the high cost of living, as the generous salaries offered by wealthy families in Kuwait are sufficient to meet the daily needs of these maids and make them have a family temporarily that makes them forget the bitterness of alienation and poverty in most cases. In today’s article, we will learn about the jobs of maids available in Kuwait, as well as the tasks that they must perform there.

Housemaid Jobs in Kuwait

Kuwaiti housemaid jobs require a set of conditions and necessities that safeguard the customer by protecting his privacy, children, and property, as well as protecting the worker at the same time. As she saves him from exploitation, physical and verbal abuse, and exhaustion, she also teaches her that there are only three tasks a maid in Kuwait must perform:

Keeping the house clean is the first task. Clean surfaces and floors regularly, dust and wipe down furniture effectively, and maintain the cleanliness of all indoor and outdoor areas. Furthermore, to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and to dispose of trash and recyclables responsibly, it is important to use the right cleaning products and techniques. 

Taking care of the kitchen includes cooking and cleaning, as well as matters of hospitality, and the maid must keep her hair covered and trim her nails before entering the kitchen. Maids who are knowledgeable about famous Arabic and Kuwaiti dishes will also have an advantage and earn a higher salary and tips.

Third, maids are responsible for caring for the children in accordance with their employer’s instructions, including feeding them, accompanying them to school, and organizing their rooms. In addition, the employer must ensure that the maid has no criminal record that could endanger the children. As the maid serves the children, she should always think about their safety and well-being.

The Kuwaiti maid is responsible for fulfilling the tasks outlined in the contract without deviating from them. It may be possible for the employer to hold the maid legally responsible if she experiences aggression, physical exhaustion, or mental exhaustion. Employers and their families should treat the maid respectfully and provide her with the support she needs to fulfill her duties.

Kuwait House Maid Job

Housemaid jobs in Kuwait can be obtained through agencies that specialize in placing housemaids in jobs. Monthly, these agencies receive many job applications from foreign nationals of various nationalities. Kuwaiti housemaid jobs are available through the following agencies:

  • The Rodaan Service Office can be reached at 22660956/22616233, located at Hawalli – Ibn Khaldoon Street – Babtain Complex (5).
  • The Safiyah Royyih Service Office is located at Hawalli – Ibn Khaldoon Street – Babtain Complex (5).
  • The Adel Abdulrazaq Alkhazale Service Office is located at Hawalli – Ibn Khaldoon Street – Ibn Khaldoon Complex (Gold Complex). It can be reached at 22647597/22647596.
  • A service office for Isma’eel Abdul Karim Abdul Razaq Abdul Karim is located at Hawalli – Ibn Khaldoon Street – Ibn Khaldoon Complex (Gold Complex).
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Kuwait House Maid Job Salmiya

This is one of Kuwait City’s most prestigious neighborhoods, with many wealthy families living there, making Kuwait housemaid jobs salmiya challenging and demanding. Thus, it is a good option for people seeking this kind of work. However, before establishing salary and service details, the applicant must determine whether he or she desires full-time or part-time employment:

Domestic maid duties and compensation in a private household (maid house): Full-time employment comes with many rewards, including a competitive salary, the ability to live with the employer, and favorable working conditions. The details of these benefits are as follows:

  • Salary: In the Salmiya area, domestic maids earn 75 to 250 Kuwaiti dinars per month depending on the agency they work for, the family they serve, and the tasks they perform. The key to selecting an agency that pays high salaries and has fewer tasks is to choose one that pays high salaries and has fewer responsibilities.
  • Co-residence: Many employers find it valuable to have close proximity to their maid, especially in times of crisis, so that she can easily be reached whenever she is needed. People who are sick, elderly, or work overnight and need to rest during the day can especially benefit from this. To compensate their maids for additional services, employers often offer them housing, meals, and additional compensation.
  • A conducive work environment has been found to increase productivity. As a result, working as a full-time maid has many benefits, including the provision of meals every day and a comfortable place to rest. As a result, not only can the financial burden be relieved, but also feelings of homesickness and stress can be reduced.
  • The additional responsibilities that come with a higher salary are well known. Consequently, full-time maids complete a variety of daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, child care, hosting, etc.
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In a private household (maid house), part-time domestic maid responsibilities and compensation: Many newcomers want to work part-time as maids so that they can maintain two jobs simultaneously and pay for the high cost of living in Kuwait. In this kind of work, the maid would have free time to practice anything she wishes, including additional work, and she would also be able to have her own privacy at home and rest after working all day.

Indian in Kuwait House Maid Jobs

The following are among the Kuwaiti service offices that hire Indian domestic workers to perform household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and child care on a monthly or bimonthly basis: 

  • In Hawally, on Ibn Khaldun Street in the Ibn Khaldun Complex (Gold Complex), Khaled Saud Salem Al-Rudaini Maid Office can be reached at 22612133.
  • Al-Awali Foundation Maid Office is located in Hawally in the Al-Gharib Complex, on the second floor, on Ibn Khaldoun Street. The company can be reached at 22613004 or 22613005.
  • There is an Abbas Nassar Taher Osman Service Office on Hawalli – Ibn Khaldoon Street – Al-Raya Complex near Al-Quds School (opposite the Al-Quds School).

Part-Time House Maid Job in Kuwait Salwa

If you are interested in a Kuwait housemaid job in Salwa, Kuwait, you have a number of options available to you. It is common for Kuwaiti housewives to hire help with household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and child care for these positions, which usually require no formal education. These types of jobs can be found in the following places:

  • At 60653548, you can reach The King’s office, which offers half-hourly services.
  • You can reach this office at 50837576 if you are looking for hourly servants.
  • Contact iClean office cleaning by the hour at 99318347.
  • Kuwait jobs: +965 51662036 can be contacted.

Part-Time House Maid Job in Jabriya

Those seeking part-time jobs in Jabriya can assist with various household chores, such as cleaning, cooking, and childcare, on a flexible schedule and without an educational qualification. It is possible to find part-time housemaid jobs in Jabriya through several offices, including:

  • Saad Saleh Alshamry’s office number is 22658245.
  • Al-Mousa Office: 22614014 or 22613106.
  • Office of Ben Hussein: 22610090 or 22640090.
  • Contact Adheba Al-Deyhani at 24341841.

Part-Time Housemaid Jobs in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti government provides hourly domestic workers for cleaning, ironing, and childcare tasks. Part-time positions are available in these offices for individuals interested in working as domestic workers in Kuwait. If someone is interested in a part-time job in this field, they can contact one of the following domestic workers’ offices for more information about available positions. These offices can be reached at the following numbers:

  • The Al-Fahd Service Office can be contacted at 55 72 91 16
  • The Al-Hamid Service Office can be reached at 50 83 75 76.
  • Hourly Service Office (phone: 50 00 16 24).
  • Telephone: 96 79 81 24 (part-time service office)
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Kuwait House Maid Job Abu Halifa

Here are some offers: “I am seeking a part-time evening housemaid in Abu Halifa to assist with cooking non-oil meals, light cleaning, and childcare. The applicant should have previous experience in a similar role. Please contact 2391720 if you would like more information.”

There is an opening for a part-time housemaid in Abu Halifa, Kuwait. A candidate with experience cooking non-oily food and handling medications is needed by the employer. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting +96599872860.”

Abu Halifa, Kuwait, has an opening for a part-time housemaid. The employer is looking for someone who can work evenings and is reliable. The 55454575 phone number is also available if you’re interested in working as a housemaid to take care of children, and handle household chores, including cooking and cleaning.”

Housemaid Jobs in Kuwait Salwa

On Kuwait Job Sites, you can find full-time or part-time jobs in Salwa in different fields. On this website, housemaids seeking employment can find openings that meet their desired specifications, including:

  • Salary should be competitive.
  • Working conditions that are good.
  • Let’s relax now.
  • Be respectful of them.
  • Tip additions.

Housemaid Vacancy

Vacancies for housemaids are opportunities for someone to work in a household. As a housemaid, you may clean, cook, and care for your children. It is possible to fill these positions full-time or part-time, and certain qualifications or experience may be required, such as: 

  • Working experience as a maid or in a related field.
  • Fluency in a specific language (e.g., English, Arabic).
  • Perform physical tasks such as lifting, standing for long periods of time, etc.
  • An ability to follow directions and work efficiently.
  • The reliability and trustworthiness of a company.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Kuwaiti work authorization and legal documents.


Kuwait housemaid jobs are ideal for women who want to work, do not need an educational qualification, and enjoy cleaning and cooking.

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