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KNPC Head Office | Kuwait Oil and Gas Directory



KNPC Head Office | Kuwait Oil and Gas Directory

KNPC Head Office. Ahmadi, kuwait, is the company’s headquarters and serves as its primary center of strategic decision-making. As a result of this article, you will gain a greater understanding of this prominent corporation. Check the latest updates about Public Services.

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KNPC Head Office

It was established in 1960 and has grown into one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. Kuwait’s national petroleum company is headquartered at Kuwait’s national petroleum company’s head office. The company operates advanced refineries, including Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi, which are known for their environmental compliance. CFP has expanded its capabilities, and the company prioritizes Kuwaiti talent.

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KNPC Recruitment Agency

KNPC recruits top talent to strengthen its workforce, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity. In order to become a member of the KNPC team, please follow these guidelines:

  1. You can visit the KNPC website.
  2. Scroll down and select iRecruitment.
  3. For the first time applicant, click on “register here” and follow the instructions.
  4. Click on “already registered” if you already have a KNPC account.
  5. On the website, click on “review jobs” to view available job offers.

KNPC Kuwait Contact Number

For any inquiries or assistance regarding their services or employment opportunities, please contact KNPC Kuwait at +96523989900.

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KNPC Head Office Location

KNPC’s head office is strategically located in Ahmadi, Kuwait, playing a pivotal role in the company’s operational and strategic endeavors. Below are directions to the KNPC head office.

KNPC Directory Kuwait

KNPC’s Kuwait directory provides comprehensive contact information for the organization’s diverse departments and staff, streamlining communication and enhancing access to vital resources. Please refer to the following details for more information:

KNPC Management


Hamza Abdullah Bakhash


Fax: 23988878

 Chief Executive Officer 

Wadha Ahmed Al-Khateeb


Fax: 23988878

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Corporate Legal

 Manager Corporate Legal 

Essam Abdullah Al-Murjan


Fax: 23986110

Fuel Supply Operations

 Deputy C.E.O. Fuel Supply Operations and Acting Deputy C.E.O. Projects 

Ghanim Naser Al-Otaibi

Office: 23989509

Fax: 23986106

Manager Risk Management 

Khaleda Ahmed Bandar



 Manager Local Marketing 

Thamer Hamad Al-Nafisi



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 Manager Projects | 

Meshal Ahmed Al-Abbasi


Fax: 23280240

 Manager Projects || 

Riadh Abdulateef Al Tourah

Office: 23884446

Fax: 23280619

Support Services

 Deputy C.E.O. Support Services 

Khuloud Saad Al-Mutairi


Manager Security And Fire 

Awadh Salem Awadh

Office: 23859922


Manager Information Technology 

Naji Saleh Al-Marri

Office: 23889300

Fax: 23986124

 Manager Corporate Communication 

Rakan Hamed Al-Fadala

Office: 23889550


 Manager General Services 

Ali Ahmed Kshawe

Office: 23889000

Fax: 23986117

 Manager Health, Safety & Environment 

Omar Ahmad Al-Molhem

Office: 23883454


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Planning & Finance
 Deputy C.E.O. Planning & Finance 

Khaled Ali Essa Al-Khayyat

Office: 23889503

Fax: 23986113

 Manager Corporate Planning 

Fahhad Fahad Al-Ajmi

Office: 23889525

Fax: 23986113

 Manager Finance 

Muntuser Sulaiman Al-Terkeit

Office: 23889400

Fax: 23986122

 Manager Manufacturing Optimization Group 

Ahmad Mohammad Al Failakawi

Office: 23881667

Fax: 23260007

 Manager Research & Technology 

Walid Adeeb Alghawas

Office: 23883005

Fax: 23262788


Admin & Commercial

 Deputy C.E.O. Admin & Commercial 

Bandar Mahdi AL-Qahtani

 Manager Management Support 

Abdulla Ahmad Abdulla Malik

 Manager Commercial 

Shahla Abdulatif Al-Khaled

 Manager Human Resources 

Khaled A/Aziz Al-Ghurair

Office: 23889160


 Manager Research & Technology 

Walid Adeeb Alghawas

Office: 23883005

Fax: 23262788

MAA Refinery

MAB Refinery & SHU Refinary Departments

 MAB – Manager Quality Assurance 

Osamah Abbas Al-Khudhari


 MAB – Manager Operations 

Salah Habeeb Al-Khayyat

Office: 23883100

Fax: 23262872

 MAB – Manager Technical Services 

Mubarak Mesfer Al-Mutairi

Office: 23883228

Fax: 23263530

 Deputy C.E.O. Mina Abdulla Refinery 

Tareq Nouri Al Thuwaini

 Manager Clean Fuels Operations 

Ali Hasan F. Al-Ajmi

 MAB – Manager Maintenance 

Hemoud Saif Al-Reshood

knpc head office: Guiding Kuwait's Oil and Gas Directory

FAQs About KNPC Head Office

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Q1) What does KNPC stand for?

Ans:- Kuwait National Petroleum Company is known as KNPC.

Q2) How can I get in touch with KNPC?

Ans:- Here are the contact details for KNPC:
Head Office of Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Mina Al-Ahmadi, Kuwait.
Call +96523989900.
Tel: + 965 23986188.

Q3) Is KNPC in the upstream or downstream sector of the oil and gas industry?

Ans:- KNPC mainly refines and distributes petroleum products in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

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KNPC head office in Ahmadi, Kuwait, is a beacon of oil and gas industry excellence. Kuwait National Petroleum Company’s commitment to sustainable development, innovation, and responsible management of critical resources makes it one of Kuwait’s most important economic contributors.

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