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Iqama Check Kuwait Achieving Effortless Verification By 2023



Iqama Check Kuwait Achieving Effortless Verification By 2023

Iqama Check Kuwait is managed by the Ministry of Interior (MOI). The purpose of this service is to assist Kuwaiti residents in verifying the status of their Iqama. Checking the status of your Kuwaiti Iqama, renewing it, and other related services will be discussed in this article. Check latest updates about administrative services.

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Iqama Check Kuwait

Kuwait iqama check service verifies the status of Iqamas, which are vital documents for expatriates residing and working there. Individuals with these Iqamas have access to a number of government services and privileges, including but not limited to:

  • Services in healthcare
  • Services in education
  • Providing legal services
  • Services for Employment
  • Service Providers
  • Services for housing
  • Services related to finance
  • License for driving
  • Providers of residency-related services
  • Services related to travel
  • The utility sector
  • Transport by public transportation
  • The social services sector
  • Rights of Labor and Employment

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How to Check Iqama in Kuwait

You can check your Kuwaiti Iqama status by following these steps, ensuring you have your Iqama number and other required information on hand:

  1. Access the Kuwait Government Online (KGO) portal by clicking on the link provided.
  2. Click on the “Start e-Services” option.
  3. Select the “Individuals” category.
  4. If you don’t have an account, create a new one. Otherwise, log in with your existing credentials.
  5. Navigate to the “Residency” section to check the status of your Iqama.

Online Iqama Renewal Kuwait

Kuwaiti expatriates can renew their Iqama online without visiting government offices. You can renew your Kuwait Iqama by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the official website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.
  • Locate and select the e-services icon.
  • Find the General Department of Residency and click on it.
  • Opt for the “Individual” category.
  • Choose “Individual Residency Renewal” from the options provided.
  • Log in to your account to proceed.
  • Select “Family Number” as your renewal option.
  • Initiate the residency renewal by clicking on the “Renew Residency” option.
  • Enter your mobile number and confirm the renewal by clicking “Renew“.
  • Click on the “Click to pay” button to process the payment.
  • After reviewing the payment amount, click “Pay“.
  • Follow the payment procedures as instructed and then click “Submit“.
  • For your records, make sure to print or save the payment receipt.
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Kuwait Civil ID Check

Following two simple steps on the Ministry website, you can verify your Civil ID status. Simply enter the website URL,, into your web browser or search for it online. Here’s how you can access your Civil ID status once you’re on the website:

 Step 1:Identify the section or icon that is related to Civil ID and click it.

Step 2:Choose “Kuwaiti” or “Other Nationality” and then click to get the results based on your Civil ID number.

Kuwait Civil ID Validity Check

Kuwait Civil ID validity verification service allows individuals to confirm the expiration date and status of their Civil ID easily. Kuwait Civil ID cards can be validated in the following ways:

  • Access the Civil ID department website for online applications.
  • Alternatively, you can visit Civil ID Service Centers for in-person submissions.
  • Send your ID card number to 1818 via SMS for further assistance.
  • When seeking services, make sure to get in touch with the relevant government agencies.

iqama check kuwait: Effortless Verification 2023

FAQs About Iqama Check Kuwait

Q1) How long does a Kuwaiti Iqama remain valid?

Ans:- Kuwait Resident Visas typically have a ten-year validity period.

Q2) What happens if an Iqama in Kuwait is not renewed?

Ans:- Kuwait will charge you a daily fine of two dinars for each day that you remain in the country illegally until you renew your visa at the Department of Residence Affairs.

Q3) Can I renew my Iqama in Kuwait online?

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Ans:- Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria and have the necessary documentation, you can renew your Iqama online through the Ministry of Interior’s website and e-services platform.


In Kuwait, the iqama check service is a vital resource for expatriates residing and working there.It simplifies the process of confirming the validity of their residency permits, allowing them to access a variety of government services.

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