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Housemaid Jobs in Kuwait Today



Housemaid Jobs in Kuwait Today

Housemaid Jobs in Kuwait Today: As Kuwaiti homes usually have at least one maid who cooks, cleans, takes care of all family members, and provides generous services in exchange for a well-deserved wage and rewards, the job of housemaid is one of the jobs that expatriate women practice in abundance. During our discussion today, we will discuss the most important maid offices in Kuwait and the most important conditions for employment.

Maid Offices in Kuwait

Housemaid jobs in Kuwait are available and in demand as Kuwaiti citizens look to maid agencies for housemaids who can cook and clean well and have special skills in sewing, farming, raising children, and more. A woman must also meet these requirements:

  • The ability to prepare dishes that have won praise not only in Kuwait but around the globe as well.
  • Cutting nails, covering hair when cooking, etc., are examples of maintaining personal hygiene
  • Use tact in your speech and refrain from using vulgar language.
  • Nannies must avoid instilling poisonous ideas in the minds of children, but rather only follow the orders of their parents.
  • Her additional skills, such as sewing, education, carpentry, agriculture, medicine, etc., increase her employment opportunities.

Housemaid Jobs in Kuwait Today

Housemaid jobs in Kuwait require special skills, such as cooking and cleaning, as several maid offices offer their services in all governorates, including:

  • An office of the Sharaf Ashkanani Group for domestic housemaids.
  • Office of Zaid Dhar Al-Dosari’s housemaids.
  • It is the office of Ali Marzouq Owaid Al-Shammari, the housemaid.
  • Recruiting office for housemaids of excellence.
  • An office for Maryam Abboud Salem Al-Otaibi’s servants.
  • Consular Recruitment Office.
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Housemaid Job in Hawally

The following are some of the famous domestic maid offices in Hawalli that are popular among those seeking work in this field:

  • Housemaid office of Abbas Nassar Taher Othman.
  • The office of Amal Abdul Razzaq Al-Mutawa, a housemaid.
  • An office for the housemaid of Khaled Saud Salem Al-Rudaini.
  • Adel Abdel-Razzaq Al-Khazal’s housemaid’s office.
  • First institution for office housemaids.
  • Office of the housemaids of Al-Roudhan.
  • Office for entity housemaids.
  • Housemaid office of Safia Roweeh.
  • Al-Khazal housemaid Adel Abdel-Razzaq.

Housemaid Job in Kuwait Part-Time 

Part-time maid jobs in Kuwait are in demand among women who want to synchronize their work schedules between two jobs at the same time to cope with the high cost of living. Among the housemaid’s offices that offer part-time jobs are:

  • Contact the monthly temporary service office at  69674084.
  • If you need to reach Deira Service, you can reach them at  65122614
  • If you would like to contact Deira Service, you can do so by calling 51548339.
  • If you are interested in cleaning by hours, please contact the Man Power Service Office at  022069156.
  • Nanny and Maid Service Office: They provide domestic workers of different nationalities, monthly and daily, in various parts of Kuwait, and can be reached at  993183447.
  • You can reach the Al-Hamid office for hourly workers at 50837576.
  • There is a phone number 50837576 for the Monarch Office for Hourly Servants.
  • Al-Fahd’s office is open by appointment: the phone number is 55729116.


The maid’s offices guarantee a high wage and respect to the maids wherever they work in Kuwait, as well as the preservation of their rights.

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