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Hajj Register Awqaf gov kw | Simplify Your Manasik Al-Hajj



Hajj Register Awqaf gov kw | Simplify Your Manasik Al-Hajj

Hajj Register Awqaf gov kw to enroll in the Hajj pilgrimage program from Kuwait and fulfill this fundamental obligation of Islam. We will provide you with further insight and information about hajj register awqaf, which is offered by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. Check the latest updates about Administrative Services.

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Hajj Register Awqaf gov kw

Hajj register awqaf gov kw is a digital service created by Kuwait’s Ministry of Awqaf and administered by the Department of Hajj and Umrah Affairs that streamlines the registration process for those planning to participate in Hajj during 1445 Hijri (Islamic calendar).

The registration process requires that you submit personal information, and the fate of each application rests on a set of criteria evaluated by Kuwait’s competent authority.

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Hajj Register Awqaf gov kw Online

The online platform Hajj register awqaf gov kw enables individuals to register for and oversee their Hajj pilgrimage applications from the comfort of their own homes. In order to fulfill the Hajj obligation, individuals should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Visit “From Here“.
  2. Please provide your “Civil ID number”, “sequential number”, “name”, and “phone number”.
  3. The type of pilgrimage you choose is “Sunni” or “Jaafari”.
  4. Please indicate if you have companions with you.
  5. Details about your companions should be entered.
  6. Once you have read and agreed to the terms, click on “Submit Application ”.
  7. Await the results.
  8. Register with your chosen Hajj company if you’ve been accepted.
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Inquiry Service About Haj Data

Kuwait government online provides information about the confirmation form for registering for an authorized pilgrim campaign, which is managed by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. To use this service, follow these steps:

  1. To access Kuwait Government e-Services – Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, click “Click Here “.
  2. Please click on “Start eServices ”.
  3. Please select “Inquiry service about Haj data ”.
  4. Your civil number should be entered here.
  5. Please complete the captcha verification.
  6. Click on “Click For Confirmation” to obtain the result.
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Eservices Awqaf Gov kw

Online services related to religious and charitable affairs are available at, which makes it easier for individuals to interact with the government. The following are some of the eServices available on

Office of Citizen Service

  • E-Fatwa service
  • Haj data inquiry service
  • Request for project support
  • Scholarship application service for higher education
  • Kuwaiti certificate holders can apply for higher education scholarships
  • Scholarship application service at the high school/religious education level
  • Search for mosques
  • Reserving a hall in the Grand Mosque
  • An online subscription service for the Islamic Awareness magazine
  • An electronic reading subscription service
  • Class subscriptions for the Holy Quran
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The new website simplifies your engagement with religious and charitable matters administered by the government.

hajj register awqaf gov kw: Simplify Your Hajj Journey

FAQs About Hajj Register Awqaf gov kw

Q1) How to register for Hajj in Kuwait ?

Ans:- By visiting the official website, You can register for Hajj in Kuwait.

Q2) When is the registration deadline for Hajj in Kuwait?

Ans:- Kuwait’s Hajj registration period begins on October 1, 2023, and ends on November 10, 2023.
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Kuwait’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs provides the Hajj register awqaf gov kw as a valuable online platform for registration and management of Hajj pilgrimage applications.

Using this digital service, individuals can fulfill their religious obligation to perform Hajj in a convenient and efficient manner.

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