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GAMCA Medical Status – What You Need to Know About Well-Being



GAMCA Medical Status - What You Need to Know About Well-Being

GAMCA Medical Status. It is an online service provided by GAMCA, an association of accredited medical centers designated by Gulf Cooperation Council GCC nations to conduct medical assessments on foreign workers. You will be guided through the process of confirming your Gamca medical status in this article. Check latest updates about Health Services.

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GAMCA Medical Status

GAMCA medical status refers to the results of a medical examination administered by a medical facility authorized by GAMCA. It indicates whether an expatriate is suitable for employment in a GCC country. Medical reports prepared by GAMCA can also be referred to as this evaluation.

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Wafid GAMCA Medical Status

Wafid is a program operated by the Gulf Health Council that allows individuals destined for employment or residence in the GCC to schedule medical appointments and verify their medical status, ensuring they are in good health.

Check GAMCA Medical Status Online

Following these instructions, those who have undergone both the medical examination and made the necessary payment can access their test results online:

  1. Click here to access the Wafid online portal.
  2. Click “View Medical ReportsunderMedical Examinations.
  3. Please enter your passport number and nationality.
  4. You can check the status of your medical test report online by clicking on the ‘Check‘ button.

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Check GAMCA Medical Status Offline

If you wish to obtain your test results in person, you may visit any of the GAMCA offices. Your name, passport number, and the date of your examination can be provided to the GAMCA staff, who will print out your test results and deliver them to you in person.

GAMCA Medical Examination Requirements

GAMCA Medical Status requirements vary by location and job role, but include the following:

  1. Passport original and photocopy.
  2. Here are two recent passport-sized photos.
  3. In addition to the visa copy, make a photocopy of it.
  4. Your employer must provide you with a work permit or employment contract.
  5. Form for medical history completed.
  6. The fee for the medical examination must be paid.
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GAMCA Medical Test Procedures

 GAMCA medical test, an individual’s suitability for work or residence in GCC countries is determined by a series of health assessments and examinations. A few of the key procedures involved in the GAMCA medical test are as follows:

  • Make an appointment at a GAMCA-approved medical center.
  • Physical examination, lab tests, and chest X-ray are required.
  • Fill out a health questionnaire.
  • The medical history and results are reviewed.
  • Medical status report: Received.
  • If necessary, submit the report to your employer or authorities.
  • Address any health issues identified in the follow-up.
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Types of GAMCA Medical Report Status

GAMCA medical reports determine whether people are eligible for work or residence in GCC countries based on their medical test results. GAMCA medical report statuses are as follows:

  • GAMCA or GCCHMC-approved fitness status indicates overall physical fitness.
  • When diagnosed with TB or HIV, the unfit status reduces the chances of being granted a GCC visa in the future.
  • A six-month retest is recommended for minor health issues.

gamca medical status: Your Path to Well-being

FAQs About GAMCA Medical Status

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Q1) What does GAMCA medical status refer to?

Ans:- GAMCA medical status is determined by a medical examination, which determines an individual’s fitness to work or reside in GCC countries.

Q2) What are the types of f GAMCA medical report status?

Ans:- Medical report statuses include “Fit,” “Unfit,” and “Temporary Unfit,” each indicating an individual’s ability to work or reside in a GCC country.

Q3) What is the duration of a GAMCA medical examination?

Ans:- Candidates can typically receive their results from the GAMCA medical examination within 26 days.

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Gamca medical status is an important indicator of expatriates’ health and fitness in GCC countries. As a result of this thorough evaluation, individual well-being and the health of the host nation are maintained, thus contributing to a healthier and safer work and living environment for everyone.

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