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City Bus Draw Kuwaiti Transportation Towards a Sustainable Future



City Bus Draw Kuwaiti Transportation Towards a Sustainable Future

City Bus Draw Kuwaiti Transportation Towards a Sustainable Future. Kuwait City Group Company KSCP manages the city bus draw, a trailblazer in the public transportation industry. This article will focus on the specifics of CityBus in Kuwait, providing more information about this innovative transport service. Check the latest updates about Travel services.

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City Bus Draw

Kuwait’s public transportation system is led by City Group Company KSCP city bus draw. With modern, dependable, and affordable transportation, it’s changed how Kuwait City residents get around. They have more than 500 buses, including eco-friendly buses, and have carried more than 68 million passengers. The goal of CityBus is to make commuters’ lives easier and to protect the environment at the same time.

City Bus App

Kuwait public transportation is revolutionized by the Citybuskw app. With real-time predictions, ticket purchases, and streamlined boarding, it simplifies your daily commute and makes traveling safer and more efficient. Downloading the app is as simple as following these steps:

  1. CityBus App can be downloaded from “The Play Store” or “App Store“.
  2. Install the CityBus app.
  3. Get started by clicking “Sign In”.

City Bus App Registration Kuwait

 Getting the City Bus app in Kuwait is a straightforward process that allows you to access convenient and efficient public transportation. Creating an account on CityBus Kuwait is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Create an account by clicking “Create account”.
  2. Please enter your “Phone Number” and “Email”.
  3. Create a password.
  4. Send OTP via SMS or email to confirm.
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City Bus Kuwait App Services

Kuwaiti city buses are a step towards sustainable transportation. Your travel experience will be elevated with the CityBus Kuwait App.

  • Purchases of tickets and passes.
  • For purchase or renewal of fare products, you can use cash, K-Net, or cards.
  • Your payment history is accessible.
  • Save your favorite locations conveniently.
  • You can view the history of your trips.
  • For route information, use the journey planner.
  • Receive route suggestions based on your preferences.
  • From your current location, find the walking time and distance to the nearest bus stop.
  • You can access information about transfer stops, including waiting times.
  • Your journey’s ticket price can be found here.
  • Keep up with the latest announcements.
  • The “About Us” section provides more information about CityBus.

City Bus Time Table

Timetables are valuable resources for ensuring punctual and convenient public transportation. Follow these steps to access the CityBus timetable:

  1. City Bus Kuwait official website can be found here.
  2. Find the “Trip Planner”.
  3. Please enter your current address and your destination.
  4. Choose “Plan My Trip”.
  5. In addition to route details, timing, and other relevant information, you’ll receive information about your most recent trip.

City Bus Route Map

An excellent tool for navigating and understanding the city bus network is the route map. The following are some examples of CityBus route maps:

Kuwait City Bus Route Numbers

For Kuwait City public transportation system to run smoothly, CityBus route numbers are essential. CityBus route numbers and destinations are listed below:

Route number From To
13 Mirqab Airport
16 Maliya Jleeb
18 Maliya UN Circle
21 Mirqab Jleeb
21A Farwaniya Sharq
39A Sharq Subhan
44 Sharq Subhan
51 Sharq Jleeb
59 Mirqab Jleeb
66 Hassawi Salmiya
66X Hassawi Salmiya
77 Khaitan Salmiya
77X Salmiya Ardiya
102A Maliya Fahaheel
102X Maliya Fahaheel
103 Jahra Mirqab
105A Fahaheel Hassawi
106 Jleeb Fahaheel
106X Jleeb Fahaheel
507 Sharq Jleeb
747 Farwaniya Hassawi
999 Maliya Fahaheel
A1 Salmiya Avenues
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City Bus Price

CityBus accepts cash payments directly from the bus driver for single and daily passes. A Day pass ticket may be a cost-effective option if you plan to make multiple trips during the day. Tickets and Bus Passes are available in the following types and prices:

Tickets price

Kuwait CityBus ticket fares are shown in this table.

Route No Ticket Fares
13 300 fils
16 300 fils
18 300 fils
21 300 fils
21A 300 fils
39A 300 fils 350 fils
44 300 fils
51 300 fils
59 300 fils
66 300 fils
66X 300 fils
77 300 fils
77X 300 fils 350 fils
102A 300 fils 350 fils
102X 300 fils 350 fils
103 300 fils
105A 300 fils 350 fils
106 300 fils 350 fils
106X 300 fils 350 fils
507 300 fils
747 300 fils 350 fils
999 300 fils 350 fils
A1 350 fils
A2 300 fils

Bus Passes

This table outlines the available CityBus pass options, the routes they cover, and their associated prices in Kuwaiti Dinar.

Pass Group Name Routes Price (KD)
Monthly Pass Unlimited travel for all routes 15.000 KD
Monthly Pass – 1 Route Unlimited travel on any 1 route 11.000 KD
Weekly Pass Unlimited travel for all routes 4.000 KD
Daily Pass Unlimited travel for all routes 1.000 KD
3 Month Pass Unlimited travel on all Citybus routes for 3 months 40.000 KD

City Bus Kuwait Contact Number

City Bus customer support team can be contacted at 9651882211 for any inquiries or assistance regarding their services. Their dedicated team is always available to answer any questions regarding routes, tickets, or any other related information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can I utilize the CityBus mobile app without sharing my personal information?

Ans:- Despite limited features, the app does not require account registration.

Q2) Is a credit card necessary to create an account on CityBus Kuwait?

Ans:- No credit card is required to buy tickets.

Q3) Can tickets be transferred to others?

Ans:- Once purchased, tickets are not name-specific; therefore, they can be used for travel.


Kuwait City city bus draw is a crucial part of Kuwait’s public transportation system, providing residents and visitors with modern, efficient, and user-friendly services. City Bus offers a wide network of routes, a variety of ticket options, and dependable customer service.

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